$MATR Token

$MATR is Matera’s native ERC-20 token. There are four main utilities of MATR: (1) fees, (2) rewards, (3) ecosystem and (4) governance.


MATR is used as a native token to pay transaction fees on Matera Layer 2 and across the network which includes verification, in-experience payments, reward claims, and royalties. As described above, these fees are Matera’s main business model and are sent to the treasury. Fees will be gradually introduced as the adoption of the protocol grows. When the protocol is fully decentralized, MATR holders will set and manage the fees via decentralized voting.


MATR holders can stake their tokens to claim rewards. Rewards are distributed from the Matera rewards pool, which is a fraction of the fees generated by the protocol. The rewards will be prioritized for token holders who are also creators or consumers of the 3D internet - i.e. who hold Asset NFTs or Asset tokens.
$MATR holder rewards


MATR is aimed to be used as a payment token across the ecosystem of tools built for the 3D internet. Developers building tools for the 3D internet (such as Landvault) can opt-in to accept MATR as payment for their Saas and tools. To incentivize its use, clients paying with MATR get a discount that the developer of the tool gets back as a reward from the Matera ecosystem reward pot.
As a result, the success and growth of developers’ products will have a positive impact across the Matera network, creating additional buy-side demand for the MATR token. The more popular the application and the more fees are paid in MATR, the more rewards are paid to developers.
Landvault will be the first developer to accept MATR across its suite of creation, publishing, and monetization tools, offering a cheaper subscription price for clients paying with MATR. Over time, we aim to incentivize other developers to do the same and make MATR a token powering the entire ecosystem of tools for the 3D internet, creating a positive feedback loop between creators and consumers.
MATR ecosystem utility loop
Finally, grants and funding will be available to eligible developers to help them build apps using Matera. The main objective of the ecosystem development efforts will be to increase the number of successful apps built on Matera that generate transactions on the Matera Layer 2 chain.


Our vision is to progressively decentralize Matera protocol and let the community shape its future. Holders will be able to join the Matera DAO and stake $MATR tokens to participate in governance making decisions on protocol parameters and features.
As a governance token, $MATR will grant holders protocol governance rights including:
  • Right to vote on proposals for the use of protocol funds
  • Right to control system parameters (e.g. fee setting, reward distribution, protocol features, etc.)