Path to decentralization
Matera will follow the progressive decentralization playbook. The governance of protocol decisions will initially be in the control of the Matera core team, and will gradually be handed over to the community through the launch of Matera DAO, a community-focused organization that will take responsibility for major protocol decisions.
The path to decentralization can be described in three steps across which the core team and the community will collaborate to establish, develop, and grow a sustainable ecosystem:
Protocol governance
Matera's core team is responsible for product and protocol decisions with the goal of achieving protocol-market fit.
Community members are involved in the development of protocol features, being able to propose ideas for features and improvements for both the technology and the economy.
Governance of major protocol major decisions about feature development and economy will be handled by Matera DAO.
Protocol Development
Protocol components are built and tested by LandVault. Developers can build Matera applications and interfaces to create and monetize experiences.
Core Team retains admin access to core protocol contracts. Developers can build fully functioning applications on top of Matera using reference frontends and applications.
All the protocol components are made open source through the Matera Open SDK. Developers can build extensions and additions to the protocol which enhance its functionality and facilitate network growth.
Token Economy
Fees and network parameters go through a fine-tuning process to ensure protocol economies are in balance.
Fee margins are as minimally extractive as possible. Grants, reward programs, and bounties will be launched to distribute tokens and encourage developers to build on top of the protocol.
Fees collected in the protocol treasury are administered by the DAO.
Asset verification process
Centralized verification. Landvault acts as the first verifier to approve the assets.
Creation of a semi-decentralized verification pool. Verifiers can join provided they meet eligibility requirements. LandVault controls access to the pool.
Fully autonomous decentralized pool of verifiers. Anyone can join to become a verifier. The verification rules and process are governed via governance voting.
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