Who we are

Matera is built by Landvault, a tech company building infrastructure to accelerate the 3D internet. Established in 2018 by entrepreneur Samuel Huber, Landvault initially pioneered new monetization tools for game developers under the name Admix, before raising $37m in investment. In 2022, the company rebranded to Landvault and expanded its offering to provide a suite of tools to build and grow 3D worlds.
  • Landvault Create is an AI assistant that enables creators to build 3D scenes up to 30x faster.
  • Landvault Publish is used to seamlessly deploy 3D content on the web browser.
  • Landvault Monetize is an SDK to drive ROI from the experience, with modules such as analytics, e-commerce, or advertising.
Landvault has helped 200+ happy clients navigate virtual worlds since 2018, from Fortune 500 companies, brands, and even governments:
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