Value accrual

Value accrual between Landvault and Matera
The value accrual between the two entities is purely additive. Landvault monetizes creators building and growing the 3D internet as SaaS, while Matera monetizes in-world transactions via its Layer 2 infrastructure.
Together, Landvault and Matera capture more of the value generated on the 3D internet.
The table below describes the relationships between the two entities.
Landvault (
Matera (
  • Web2 tech company / denominated in equity
  • Makes money from B2B clients paying to use the platform
  • The team behind the design and development of Matera
  • Has integrated Matera as part of its platform
  • The first developer building apps and use cases on top of Matera
  • Web3 foundation / denominated in tokens
  • Built by Landvault, eventually decentralized
  • Tokenizes assets of Landvault clients
  • Layer 2 infrastructure to process consumer transactions in the content
  • Makes money from fees on these transactions
Value accrual
Fee from clients using Landvault tools (B2B)
Fee from users consuming the content (B2B2C)