Team and Advisors

Sam Huber
Co-Founder and CEO
Worked with Fortune 500 clients and governments launching gaming and metaverse projects since 2017. Crypto investor since 2013. Previously operated game studio. Ex-Formula One engineer, Mercedes F1.
Marcin Gierlak
VP of Engineering
20+ years of engineering experience at global companies including Orange, IBM, and several blockchain startups. Develops software using cutting-edge technologies, including AI, Blockchain, Unity, and Unreal.
Luke Gniwecki
VP of Product (Blockchain)
12+ years of product experience including 6+ years of building web3 products and launching tokens. Previously worked at blockchain R&D companies and web3 startups such as CUDOS Blockchain and Boson Protocol.
Mo Hussain
VP of Product (Platforms)
12+ years of experience in product management and implementation, with a background encompassing Fintech, Adtech, and entertainment. Worked with startups and corporations incl. VIOOH and GroupM establishing collaborations with Google's DV360, Amazon, and TikTok
Ismail El-Habbash
Web3 Tech Lead
Formerly senior software engineer at Binance. In web3 since 2017. 9+ years of experience with large-scale software systems and applications at global companies including Groupon, Binance, Bosch, Travelport, and HostelWorld.
Austin Randall
Head of Creative Solutions
12+ years of creative leadership in the advertising and digital media industry. Sharp strategic thinker and master of agile ideation. Leads multi-disciplinary teams that help brands leverage big ideas and game-changing tech in immersive virtual experiences.
Katie Wan
VP of People and Ops
Michael Copeland
Lead Full Stack Developer
Zans Litinskis
Senior Frontend Developer
Emre Zeybek
Software Engineer
Mo Adam
Software Engineer - Data
Igor Bezsalov
Technical Support and QA


Phillip Lord
Investor relations, UAE
Founder Pimlico Partners, UAE Best Investor Relations Awards in 2022. Ex investment at Jefferies, HSBC.
Nigel Morris
Board Member
Ex CEO Dentsu agency. Founder of Isobar agency, sold to Dentsu. Angel investor and Board member.
Jerry Heinz
Tech / Product
Ex VP Engineer Tinder, Amazon, NVIDIA, council member Ball Metaverse Research.
Julia Zhu
Token Design
Founder of Mod31. Economics Modelling. Ex-Head of Data at Twitch, BitMEX, Meta.
Geoff Lefevre
Token Economy
Ex Researcher at Outlier Ventures. Helped 100+ projects with token engineering and ecosystem design.
Kris Paruch
Token Economy
Cryptoeconomist from Vienna University. Developed various crypto economics systems.
Andrew Masanto
Web3 Ecosystem
Founder CMO for Hedera Hashgraph, Reserve, Nillion. Built 3x $1B crypto companies.
Marcus Segal
Gaming / VR
Ex-COO of Zynga, 20+ years in gaming. Founder of ForeVR bringing VR experiences to the masses.
Diego Borgo
#1 metaverse consultant for brands. Runs a metaverse masterclass. Ex web3 @ Adidas.