We have built Matera as a no-code toolkit for creators to seamlessly bring their 3D worlds on-chain, powered by a dedicated layer 2 infrastructure for scalability. Ultimately, we aim for Matera to become the main infrastructure supporting millions of consumers and billions of transactions on the 3D internet, and create a fairer digital economy benefiting creators, consumers, and developers.
Matera Protocol creates a positive feedback loop growing the economy of the 3D internet by:
  • Introducing the concept of ‘verified assets’ where the IP of creators and content are verified on-chain
  • Tokenizing 3D content to create new monetization opportunities
  • Automatically and fairly rewarding consumers for engaging with the content
  • Processing all transactions on a dedicated layer 2 infrastructure powered by the $MATR token, which ensures scalability and full customization
Matera positive feedback loop on the economy of the 3D internet
The concept of Assets
Matera introduces the concept of 3D Assets (or just Assets), synonyms for ‘3D content’. In the Matera ecosystem, assets represent a piece of the 3D internet - from a simple 3D model to an entire 3D experience. When using Matera, creators decide if they want to break their experiences into multiple assets (sections of the experience) or keep them as one. This is entirely up to them. Breaking down the experience into more assets gives the creator more flexibility to verify, tokenize, and monetize these assets independently. It does however incur more costs and complexity.