Future outlook

Pushed by both gaming technologies and the blockchain, the Internet is about to see its biggest disruption since its inception: the 3D Internet. Within the next 5 years, tools and technology will democratize 3D content creation, publishing, and monetization even further, making it as easy as it is to build a website. By 2030, everyone will have a presence on the 3D internet, similar to how everyone has a presence on social media today.
We believe blockchain will provide the financial layer and backbone of this new version of the internet, and Matera is the toolkit and infrastructure for creators to seamlessly integrate blockchain in their virtual worlds. Similar to a cloud provider or a payment gateway today, Matera will become a necessity for creators who are building for the 3D internet.
So - how can you get involved? If you’re a creator or builder of 3D content - we would love to hear your thoughts, and for you to integrate Matera with your content. And if you’re an investor interested in the 3D internet, come talk to us!
Last modified 2mo ago